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Clayton has been with us since 29th May 2017 and is one of our most valuable technician’s, and in that time he has taken on more responsibility with his work. His attention to detail with his own car shine’s through on his work with client’s cars as well. He also has now started to help Pieter (workshop supervisor) with checking off jobs in the workshop and making sure jobs get out in time.

Clayton drives a well decked out 2015 Series 1 NP300. This car was stock when he bought it. He has a passion with 4wding as most of our staff do. His Nav is mainly set up for the touring side of things but can easily transition into a weekend warrior as well.

You can find Clayton at all of the Extreme Winch Challenge events helping out with setting up and general running of the event as well

An impressive list of accessories include almost 1 of every thing

  • ARB Summit bar
  • ARB Summit Rails & Steps
  • ARB Summit Rear bar
  • Warn Winch
  • ARB Recovery points
  • Old Man Emu suspension
  • Top control arms and Panhards
  • BushRanger LED driving lights
  • Maxxis RZR 35 inch muddies
  • ARB Frontier Long Range Tank
  • ARB twin compressor and tank
  • GME UHF and Aerial
  • ARB Ascent canopy
  • ARB Roof cage
  • ARB awning
  • Dual Battery set upWith Readarc BCDC
  • 160 Watt solar setup
  • plus a heap of custom work

Clayton and his family love getting out when they can and love a good yarn and a beer around the camp fire, so if you see them about give them a hello and a wave.

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