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Billy (ARB Tamworth Store Manager)

ARB Tamworth Store manager, Billy as he is known as, started with then Capital 4WD in 2004.

Billy is lucky enough to be able to drive our Hilux Dead pool full time and the Sandy 70 on some adventures.

But at home he has a gem of a Nissan Patrol 89 SWB.

He is currently restoring it back to some what original glory with of course the usual additions.

Happy to turn his hand at any thing and do it all himself including fabricating some of the bar work.

His shorty includes

  • ARB bar & steps
  • twin lockers with ARB compressor
  • GME UHF, 35inch BFG muddies
  • OME suspension
  • adjustable pan hard rods
  • plus so much more.

At present Billy is fixing the body and repainting it all the one solid colour, the original blue.

From there he will upgrade the suspension to include the BP51 suspension, a full service, swivel hubs etc in our mechanical department and some new KM3 muddies.

Then the heart transplant, a LS1 conversion just to give it good reliable grunt when off road.

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