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Situated at just over an hour drive east of Tamworth via Dungowan, Ogunbil and The Port Stephens cutting, Myall Creek Camp is very secluded and is ideal for those that don’t like crowds. Nowendoc State Forest has some great off road tracks to explore most of which are medium grade and should not pose any serious challenges unless wet, keep an eye out Motorbike riders though on secluded trails. Myall Creek itself is a nice flowing creek great for the kids to swim, and we have caught Trout here in the past. A walk down stream will bring you to some nice rapids and small Falls.


  • Once at the top of Port stephens cutting heading east you will find yourself on Nowendoc Road which seems to morph into Topdale road on most maps.
  • When Topdale road reaches Thunderbolts Way as a T intersection, ZERO tripmeter and turn right towards Gloucester.
  • 3.9kms on the right take Wild Cattle Creek road and Zero tripmeter again
  • 7.6kms turn off to the right “Myall Creek Fire Trail”
  • Approx 2.4kms down this road will get you to the campsite this is as signposted as a dry weather road and is recommended for vehicles with LOW range but other than a few steep bits is an easy grade and would be fine for most light duty SUVs.


  • Its very secluded and isolated and apart from a wood BBQ, there are no other facilities here.


  • Warm clothes, as it can be colder down in the valley
  • Drinking water
  • Food
  • There is also no toilets at this camp


  • Dry access only.
  • Only facilities here are 1 steel wood BBQ.
  • Off road camper trailers and small off road vans should be fine with care with a low range 4×4.
  • Track is well maintained smooth and offers fuss free dry access with a couple of steep short hills to traverse.
  • We would take a little extra care in summer with snakes as it’s a bit overgrown on a lot of the flats.
  • Take your Trout fishing gear.
  • Most maps and GPS show Wild Cattle Creek Road continues on past the turnoff to meet back up with Thunderbolts Way closer to Nowendoc. This is incorrect, there are locked gates at the end of the forest on most of the main roads to the south.

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