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Sandy 70

the ultimate touring vehicle

This Car Packs it All

It has some of the best accessories on the market to suit Toyota iconic 70 series.

When we started deciding what we wanted to put in this car the list was long but we were confident we could pull it off.

This car is perfect for when you make a last-minute decision to take off for the weekend or decide to take off on a 4 week adventure.

Apart from the obvious ARB gear we had listed, the first thing we ordered was the rear diff from Jmacx.

This diff corrects the front and rear wheels so that they track the same, something that now makes driving this car a pleasure.

A few major changes we did for the sandy included

The next hurdle we had to get over was the design of the canopy

Originally we were drawn to the Trig point canopy for its styling, but we wanted something individual, to be ours.So we spoke to the local body builders Obieco.

They came on board and were more than happy to work with Phil’s design and ticked off all of his requirement’s and even suggested some of their own ideas.

From here we had to work out what we needed/wanted in the back, mainly the obvious things like a fridge, coffee machine and some storage.

The back of the canopy was built up from one of the best accessories we were going to add to this vehicle, the BBQ.

A slide-out trundle tray like BBQ was added so you could literally pull up and be grilling steak in minutes.

From there it was all about size and making sure everything would fit.

Then is was time for the wiring, a total of 5 weeks in all to get bevery thing wired and running.

control things
from the app

The brains of the operation is the Redarc redvision manager 30 unit, which allows us to control every thing from 1 location but also have the ability to control things from the app on our phones as well.

We also include a total of 4 lithium batteries always getting charged from the 2 solar panels on the Baserack on the cab.

This amount of batteries was necessary due to Phil’s insistence of wanting a coffee machine, so a 2000w invertor was needed to run it.

 From there it all came together quickly, the ARB list of gear was added to the car and we were ready for the stickers.

The biggest delay came from deciding what to do with the flares, leave them black or get them colour coded Sandy.

Once that was done we added the final parts including

Travel Buddy Oven

And of course one of the best things you can have in a touring car, Travel Buddy Oven, how good are they!

With some many more things to mention the best thing you can do is call in and have a chat to the staff and have a look for yourself.

Or if you see us out and about give us a wave or call over to camp for a beer, or a pie from the travel buddy.

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