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News & Builds


Have you ever wondered what the staff at ARB Tamworth drive?

Now you can find out, click here and take a deep dive into the different levels of vehicles that go into working for ARB Tamworth.

Not all our staff have big lifted, twin locked, 35 inch tyre vehicles.

Our cars are some of the best cars around usually with as much stuff on them as we can.

We have built many cars over the years from RA9 Rodeo’s to Nissan Navara D40 550 models.

To our current fleet of a PX3 Ranger, Toyota Hilux SR5, also known as “Deadpool” to the top of the line, our Sandy 70 series.


We’ve been one of the biggest ARB stores in NSW and we’re lucky enough to see people from all over.

Some have a basic request of just a bullbar, some want more and then some want it all.

Jump in and have a look at some of the builds we have done across all vehicle manufacturers on the market.